About Us

Making R&D tax digital

We believe in UK businesses and the role of innovation in creating an advanced, sustainable society.  We also believe that access to government support for innovation should be easier.

It is time for a new kind of R&D tax services provider.  Information at your finger tips, control and support. This isn't R&D tax as you know it. 

Join the revolution today.

Quantify has been built by leading tax advisers with many years of experience and has been designed to make it as easy as possible for companies to use.

We take our role as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers seriously, and believe we have a responsibility to demystify R&D claims and to make sure that every claim is backed up by strong evidence.  

For too long, R&D tax advice has been expensive, complex and opaque.  We want to change that, for the benefit of clients and accountants. 


We're constantly striving to improve our services, so we're always keen to hear your feedback and to understand what features would be useful in the future.  

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