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We believe in UK businesses and the role of innovation in creating an advanced, sustainable society.  We also believe that access to government support for innovation should be easier.


Information at your finger tips, control and support.  You expect this in every other aspect of providing advice to your clients.  It is time for R&D tax claims to catch up. 

Our service builds on the experience of leading tax advisers and has been designed to make it as easy as possible for advisers and their clients to work together on a shared platform to build robust R&D claims, dialing up and down the level of technical support as needed.  That's where we come in.

We take our role as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers seriously, and believe we have a responsibility to demystify R&D claims and to make sure that every claim is backed up by strong evidence.  

For too long, R&D tax advice has been expensive, complex and opaque.  We want to change that, for the benefit of companies making claims and their advisers.  

We're constantly striving to improve our services, so we're always keen to hear your feedback and to understand how we can help you more.  

Prepared for the future

It has long been the view of HMRC and HM Treasury that R&D tax is a valuable incentive helping to drive innovation in the UK economy, but that the integrity of the process needs to be protected.  

We've been told to expect more HMRC enquiries into claims.  We've also been told that the Government is considering changing the process so that every claim has to be looked at and signed off before it is processed by HMRC, i.e. taking it out of the self-assessment route.  Another step that is being looked at is to require a named individual at the claimant company to take responsibility for the accuracy of the claim.  


These steps are clearly designed to deter advisers that don't share their reports and whose work is based on assumptions.  We support these aims and have designed our processes so that claims are based on evidence rather than assumptions, with internal and external reviews and full disclosure of the basis on which claims are made. 

R&D tax CIOT
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