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Fixed fees, putting you in the driving seat

Rather than charging a percentage of every claim, we offer an annual subscription and a low, fixed submission fee.  We only charge the submission fee for claims that are submitted to HMRC and so if a client uses the system but ultimately doesn't have a claim, there is no additional cost.

Our client-led data gathering system minimises the advisor time involved - taking out the bulk of the costs involved in R&D claims and allowing you to offer highly competitive rates, controlled by you and not by third party providers. 

This means you can offer the system to the broadest possible range of your clients, capturing claims that might otherwise be overlooked or might not be economically viable to carry out using traditional approaches.    

Resources for accountants


Use our online calculators to give you and your clients and instant understanding of whether or not a claim is worth pursuing


Download our free 34 page eBook to growing your practice and adding value to your clients through R&D tax advice. Packed with examples and tips this is always popular with advisers we work with


We can provide you with blogs, newsletters, social media packs, presentations and webinars. This could be to generate interest in R&D from existing clients or as a way of attracting new clients

Download our guide to R&D for accountants

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