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Support handling HMRC enquiries
into R&D claims

We provide a service of handling HMRC enquiries into R&D tax relief claim.  This is a service we provide to accountants and, over the years, we've built up a wealth of experience in this area where most advisers have only seen a small number of enquiries (if any).  


The best way to handle an enquiry is to submit a well put together claim, with a report that shows your calculations and provides a clear supporting narrative.  If you're not in that position, responding to HMRC's questions can be daunting.  That's where we come in.  

Head over to to see our online platform which helps build claims and the evidence to support claims.  Companies that have prepared their claims using this platform have the answers to 99% of HMRC enquiries at their fingertips.


We can also help you weed out the assumptions that are in R&D claims.  These are usually the biggest areas of weakness in claims.  By adopting the right project management and record keeping tools, clients can be put in a strong position. 


We will help you put your best foot forward when it matters most but we won't defend the indefensible.  If your clients claim doesn't stack up we'll advise you on how to manage that situation, but we decline instructions where we feel it would be inappropriate for us to act.  


We typically charge for enquiry support work on an hourly basis and we recommend that clients budget between £2,250 - £4,750 for a typical enquiry with 2 or 3 rounds of correspondence.  These fees can often be met from tax enquiry fee insurance. 


Favourable rates are available for advisers seeking a quarterly retainer.

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